When managing a business, your time and energy are focused on a variety of large and small responsibilities, including securing the proper insurance coverages.

Unfortunately, staying up to date on the various business insurance policies available and how they affect your organization can be a full time job.

You need a trusted advisor who understands the insurance industry and looks out for your company’s best interest.

At Dunlap-DuPont & O’Donnell, we proudly take on this role for each of our clients. We make it our responsibility to constantly expand our understanding of the business insurance industry and try to identify new ways to better protect you.
Business Insurance Coverages

Through our trusted business insurance providers, we can write policies that cover the following:

Auto Liability Insurance
Crime Protection Insurance
Executive Liability Insurance
General Liability Insurance
Property Insurance
Specialty Business Liability Insurance
Umbrella Liability Insurance
Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Insurance Tip: Did you know that most insurance carriers will offer you a discount if you carry multiple coverages with them?