Commercial Claims FAQ

Commercial Claims FAQ

Commercial Claims FAQ

When a liability incident occurs, there are steps you can take to minimize the impact on your time and your business.

  • Record the contact information of any witnesses and/or other involved parties, including name, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Identify any visible hazards or debris in the area.
  • Record the identity of any investigative authorities (i.e. OSHA).
  • In the event of a slip and fall, take note of the shoes or clothing worn by the person who fell.
  • Retain any items related to the cause of the injury or damage.
  • Contact our agency to report any potential claim that may exist.

How can I protect my business in case we need to temporarily close due to damage?
Purchase business income coverage to collect the lost income during a temporary shutdown.

What happens if a large piece of equipment, necessary for running my company, breaks down?
You can protect your business by purchasing equipment breakdown coverage, which will help you pay for the repair or replacement of the machine, as well as cover any lost income if your business operations are halted.

As your agent, Dunlap-DuPont & O’Donnell will strive to contact you within two hours after receiving notice and begin the process of handling your claim. We will provide qualified professional claims representatives to explain your coverage, review the claim made against you, and assess the damages. If necessary, we will also settle or defend legal actions against you in accordance with policy terms and conditions.

Occasionally, lawsuits do result from claims. A liability lawsuit is a serious matter, in many cases, what you do in the early stages will have a major bearing on the outcome.

  • Retain all documents, including post-marked envelopes.
  • Immediately report the claim to our agency and send a copy of the summons and complaints to us so that it can be reported promptly to the carrier.
  • If you receive a suit during the process of claim handling, immediately contact the adjuster assigned to handle your claim. If you do not have record of this information please contact our agency to assist you in reporting the lawsuit to our claims department.
  • Do not discuss the lawsuit with anyone other than your claims manager, company adjuster, counsel assigned to defend your interest or your personal counsel unless otherwise approved by one of the aforementioned parties.
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